• Nine advantage of grooved fittings

    1. Fast: slot clamp contact and corresponding pipe fittings are used for pipeline installation. No welding, secondary galvanizing and secondary installation is required during construction.  Resettlement rates have increased.   2. Light weight: the fixture is light in weight, less bolts...
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  • Grooved fittings are available in two products:  

    (1) The pipe fittings for connecting and sealing are rigid coupling, flexible coupling, mechanical tees and flanges;   (2) Pipe fittings that play the role of connection transition include elbow, tee, four-way, reducing pipe, blind plate, etc.   The connecting and sealing groove fittings are main...
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  • Overview of grooved pipe fittings  

    According to the design specification of automatic sprinkler system, the connection of the system pipe should be groove joint or thread and flange connection;  Pipes with diameters equal to or greater than 100mm in the system shall be piecewise connected with flanges or slotted connectors.   Groo...
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  • Installation Instruction Manual

    Instructions for Pipe Roll Grooving “A” Dimension -The “A” dimension, or the distance from the pipe end to the groove, identifies the gasket seating area. This area must be free from indentations, projections (including weld ...
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  • Matters needing attention when installing the grooved couplings

    (1) The installation quality of the clamp, especially the installation quality of the flexible clamp, depends on the above-mentioned requirements: that is, the pipe material, the shape size, the deformation of the nozzle, the quality of the pressure groove and the quality of the clamp itself, and...
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  • Reasons for the superior sealing of grooved pipe fittings

    Because the rubber sealing ring and clamp of the grooved pipe fittings have a unique sealable structural design, that is, the rubber sealing ring located in the inner layer of the grooved pipe fittings is placed on the outside of the connected pipe and is consistent with the pre-rolled groove. Th...
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  • The harm of grooved pipe fittings to welding

    There are many ways to connect grooved pipe fittings, and the ways to adapt to each environment are different, but the editor believes that the most harmful to the equipment is our common use of traditional welding methods, which are mainly manifested in the following aspects: 1. Fume pollution W...
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  • Grooved pipe fitting production base

    Weifang Fangzi was awarded the only “China Groove Pipe Fittings Industry Base” in the country News from this newspaper (Reporter Wu Xiaoqiang, Correspondent Liu Huaqiang, Correspondent Liu Huaqiang and Lu Xuanlong) The reporter was informed that at the “16th China Foundry Associ...
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  • Introduction of grooved pipe fittings

    Grooved fittings allow for the quick assembly and modification of large piping systems because they provide great stability along vast stretches of pipe. They are also very inexpensive to install, maintain, and re-route. In a grooved fitting, the coupling housing slides parallel to the bolt pad; ...
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  • Groove pipe fittings system technology

    1.The product structure is compact, the installation space requirement is smaller Compared with the welding flange connection, the structure of the groove connection product is more compact and the installation space requirement is smaller. It is very difficult to weld flanges of large-size pipin...
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  • International Fire Protection Exhibition—Middle East (Dubai)

    International Fire Protection Exhibition—Middle East (Dubai)

    On January 16-19, 2020, our company participated in the Middle East (Dubai) International Fire Protection Exhibition INTERSEC, which is a large-scale exhibition of professional safety fire protection products grooved pipe fittings in the Middle East. ...
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  • The mid-term summary meeting of Shandong Zhihua Pipe Industry/Huabao Machinery Lean Promotion Project was successfully held

    The mid-term summary meeting of Shandong Zhihua Pipe Industry/Huabao Machinery Lean Promotion Project was successfully held

    On July 28, 2020, the mid-term summary meeting of the first phase of the Lean Promotion Project of Zhihua Pipe Industry/Huabao Machinery was successfully held. Zhang Wei, general manager of Zhihua Pipe Industry/Huabao Machinery, and the company's management at all levels...
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