• grooved fittings

    Homes & Gardens is supported by its audience. Homes & Gardens is supported by its audience. Homes & Gardens поддерживается аудиторией. Homes & Gardens is audience supported. Homes & Gardens 得到了观众的支持。 Homes & Gardens Homes & Gardens имеет поддержку аудитории. H...
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  • Precautions for storage of grooved pipe fittings are introduced as follows

    Precautions for storage of grooved pipe fittings are introduced as follows

    1. Storage should be stored in a dry environment, mainly to prevent rust phenomenon. 2. The pipe fitting should be placed in the temperature that can be borne during storage to reduce the loss of the pipe fitting caused by too high or too low temperature. 3. Keep the cleanliness of pipe fitting...
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  • Nine advantages of grooved pipe fittings

    Nine advantages of grooved pipe fittings

    1, quickly take the groove clamp contact and the corresponding pipe fitting placement pipeline, construction does not need welding, do not need two galvanizing, two placement. It increases the placement rate. 2, light clamp contact weight, small number of bolts, convenient placement, without ext...
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  • What is the difference between groove pipe fitting diameter and outer diameter?

    Diameter and outer diameter is a professional term used to express and describe the model of trench pipe fitting products. The specific model specifications we talk about daily are diameter and outer diameter. Pipe fitting nominal steel pipe diameter is also called average pipe fitting outer diam...
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  • Win the market with quality

    The increasing demand for fire pipe fittings promotes more and more suppliers of trench pipe fittings. There are also many enterprises producing regardless of the quality of products, only the quantity of production, leading to the uneven quality of trench pipe fittings in the market, which serio...
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  • Threaded fittings

    Threaded fittings are one of the oldest methods of joining piping systems. Just like socket weld fittings, threaded fittings are ideally used for small pipe diameters; where the diameter is NPS 2 or smaller. Threaded fittings are normally used in low-cost, less-critical applications such as fire ...
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  • Development of grooved fittings

    According to the design specification of automatic sprinkler system, the connection of the system pipe should be groove joint or thread and flange connection;  Pipes with diameters equal to or greater than 100mm in the system shall be piece wise connected with flanges or slotted connectors.     G...
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  • Installation requirements for grooved fittings

    1、Choose the proper sealing ring when ordering groove parts to choose the appropriate sealing ring in the pipeline different media requires different materials of sealing ring, there are eight different materials of sealing ring on the market to apply to different media 2、Pipe groove (also call...
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  • About Ductile Iron

    Ductile Iron is a kind of cast iron, which is renowned for several properties. For instance, ductile iron has superior impact and fatigue resistance, in addition to elongation, and wear resistance in comparison to cast iron. This is due to the presence of spherical or round graphite structures se...
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  • Introduction to protection knowledge of fire trench fittings

    Fire trench pipe fittings play an important role in production and life. The following is to explain the protection knowledge of fire trench pipe fittings.  During installation, the diameter of the reserved hole must be kept within a certain range. If it exceeds the standard, the structure of the...
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  • Grooved pipe fittings main production process

    Grooved pipe fittings main production process

    Smelting process: Raw materials pig iron, scrap steel, reheating iron, carburizer and other raw materials in accordance with a certain proportion into the medium frequency electric furnace, the use of induction coil heating melt, reach a certain temperature (1550℃~1580℃), according to the requi...
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  • Nine advantage of grooved fittings

    1. Fast: slot clamp contact and corresponding pipe fittings are used for pipeline installation. No welding, secondary galvanizing and secondary installation is required during construction.  Resettlement rates have increased.   2. Light weight: the fixture is light in weight, less bolts...
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